The one and only space daddy☄️

In 2023, NFT art reignited Father Cosmos passion for drawing after a 15-year hiatus. As a kid, he loved drawing, but shifted to digital pursuits during the rise of video games and computers, and his drawing took a backseat.

Life brought business, family, and a baby. In 2020, crypto caught Cosmos attention, and by 2022, he dove head first into NFTs. In early 2023 he suddenly felt the urge to draw again. With a stylus and his phone, he sketched a character and received encouragement from friends. That missing creative spark returned.

Drawing on his phone allowed him to balance a busy life of 3 kids and work. He started to create art for some projects and even placed top 10 in a Hot Heads contest. Father Cosmos started to play with weird design and bright colors to create eye catching pieces. Each piece of artwork was a new adventure and he always tried new techniques and styles.

Cosmos is now fully immersed in the digital art world, and addicted to the NFT art space and the incredible people in it. He spends most of his day in the cosmic realm, excited to create, looking towards the future.